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Health and Beauty Benefits of Sweet Potatoes

Health benefits of sweet potatoes. Beauty benefits of sweet potatoes.
Health and beauty benefits of sweet potatoes. sweet potato health. beauty benefits sweet potato.

Sweet potatoes are a root vegetable with incredible health benefits. To begin with, they are a great source of vitamin A and beta-carotene. Did you know that there are plenty of health and beauty benefits of sweet potatoes? 

Sweet potatoes are most known for the bright orange kind, but they range in color from white, purple, red, pink, yellow, and even violet-colored sweet potatoes. Studies indicate they can help with blood sugar regulation, especially caiapo, which is a white-colored sweet potato.

Resistant starches in sweet potatoes help to feed the good gut flora in the body. Purple sweet potatoes are especially good for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties due to the cyanidins and peonidins, Each of those is antioxidant-filled nutrients that are powerful disease fighters.

Sweet Potato Beauty Benefits

Sweet potatoes are great sources of vitamin A and beta-carotene. They are rich in fiber and can help to manage blood sugar levels. One cup of cooked sweet potato provides 769% of your daily needs of vitamin A. This vitamin also helps regenerate collagen and keep your skin smooth. Vitamin A also helps prevent dry and brittle hair. Another important micronutrient is vitamin B6, which is also important for healthy hair and helps with your beauty sleep. Vitamin A helps to support your immune system and protect your eye health.

Sweet potatoes can also benefit the look of scars and aid in wound healing. Eating sweet potatoes will activate certain gene expressions. We all have specialized skin cells, called keratinocytes, which when activated by our genes help to accelerate skin turnover, resulting in faster wound healing and minimize the look of scars.

Sweet Potato Key Nutrients

Vitamin C | Vitamin A | Potassium | Antioxidants | Manganese | Vitamin B6 | Vitamin B5 | Vitamin E | Chlorogenic acid | Beta carotene | Anthocyanins | Cyanidins | Peonidins

Nutritional Report of Sweet Potatoes

*Per 1 cup cooked

  • Fiber | 7g

  • Protein | 4g

  • Carbohydrates | 40g

  • Vitamin A | 769% DV

  • Thiamin | 14% DV
  • Vitamin C | 65% DV

  • Riboflavin | 12% DV

  • Vitamin B6 | 29% DV
  • Niacin | 15% DV

  • Vitamin B5 | 18% DV

  • Manganese | 50% DV

  • Calcium | 8% DV

  • Iron | 8% DV

  • Magnesium | 14% DV

  • Phosphorus | 11% DV

  • Potassium | 27% DV

  • Copper | 16% DV


They are delicious when baked or roasted in the oven. Boiled, mashed, and steamed are also quite delicious. Leave the skins on to maximize nutrients. You can thinly slice them and toast them for a quick breakfast. Try topping “sweet potato toast” with any nut or seed butter. Sweet potato fries are another great delicious option. Try leaving the peel of the sweet potatoes on to maximize the benefits of the nutrients.

Connect and Let’s Discuss the Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes!

I would love to hear what your favorite sweet potato recipe is. Have you learned anything new about the health and beauty benefits of sweet potatoes? Let me know in the comments below. You can also connect with me @Eat_Your_Nutrition on Instagram. I love seeing your photos. #EatYourNutrition #LauraVillanueva


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