Do you struggle to find time to prepare healthy food? Learn how to save time, money, and improve you and your family’s health. This 7 day healthy eating plan is exactly the reset for you.

With creative options and ideas for lifestyles and budgets of all kinds, this meal plan guide is a road map to a satisfying diet of real food that will keep you and your family fit, healthy, and happy for life.

Calorie count and macro nutrients included for all recipes included in this easy to follow meal plan, 7 day healthy eating plan.

I have made it simple and easy to prepare healthy meals for you and your family. Easy to follow instructions with readily available ingredients are the key to any successful healthy eating meal plan. That is why I provided you with 7 days worth of delicious, health-boosting recipes that will make you say YUM! 

I take the guesswork out of a busy weeknight. These recipes are quick and easy to make. You will have meals ready to eat for your family in almost no time with my easy to download 7 day healthy eating plan.

Start with one week of meals and discover how amazing you will feel. Your energy will skyrocket. Get your 7 Day Healthy Eating Plan today.


7-Day Healthy Eating Plan (Meal Plan)(PDF Digital Download)

● Overnight Vanilla Protein Oats with Blueberries

● Jalapeno-Tomato Breakfast Scramble

● Healthy Chicken Salad

● Mexican Salad

● Gluten-Free Penne with Basil-Cherry Tomato Sauce

Plus MANY more in this 7-Day Healthy Eating Plan. 

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Please Note:
This meal plan is only available in digital format. You will NOT receive a hard copy of the meal plan. Since this digital product is intangible and can be downloaded directly after purchase, they are considered "used" after purchase, and I cannot accept any refund request. Eat Your Nutrition does not guarantee that the ingredients listed in any of our recipes are allergy free. If you have a food allergy, you should determine whether you are allergic to the ingredients in each recipe, and not rely on statements that a particular recipe is gluten free, dairy free, nut free, soy free, or free of any other possible allergen. Contact me if you have a food allergy concern prior to purchasing. If you are having trouble downloading, email me at and I'll help you get it sorted out.


🍎 Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Laura Ann Villanueva 🥝 Research Based Holistic Nutrition