The Restore Your Gut Health 8-week Program is designed to help you rehabilitate your gut and reclaim the life you deserve, with an easy to follow gut friendly meal plan included. 

Ready to finally kick your gut issues to the curb with a reset?

Imagine kissing food allergies, constipation, leaky gut, excess weight, brain fog, and adrenal fatigue goodbye forever.

Give me 8 weeks and I'll help you get there, and then some. Introducing the 8-Week Restore Your Gut Health program - the only healthy eating program designed to help you rehabilitate your gut and reclaim the life you deserve.

✓ Restore your gut health and boost your immune system.

✓ Become the master of your unique healthy blueprint.

 ✓ Figure out which foods fuel your body and which foods wreak havoc on your body.

 ✓ Nourish your body with whole, seasonal foods and push out the pesky toxins.

 ✓ Combat fatigue and access a completely natural source of energy you haven’t experienced since you were a child.

 ✓ Eliminate food allergies that you probably don’t even know you suffer from.

 ✓ Feel alive again and ready to take on the world today due to the changes you made?

Don’t spend another ounce of energy thinking about when or what to eat, because you will have this gut friendly meal plan.

This program takes the headache out of “What should I eat today?”

It’s time to get your energy, your gut, your body, and your life back.


● 8 weeks of Gut Health Guides: Overflowing with every piece of information you need to get the results your body craves—think of it as the ultimate go-to resource guide for your gut! 

● Recipe Guide: A mouthwatering recipe guide packed with over 59 chef-approved food and drink recipes to keep you nourished, improve digestion, decrease inflammation, and keep you satisfied and toxin-free!

● 8 Weeks of Grocery Shopping Lists:-We all know how hard it is to buy the right foods - temptation in the store is HIGH. I got your back with this impressive shopping list! Simply PRINT AND GO.

● 8 Week Suggested Gut Friendly Meal Plan:-You won’t get bored with repetition. I promise. Here I will recommend the right combinations so that you keep your taste buds entertained! 8-Weeks of suggested meals to make gut rebuilding easy as 1-2-3 for the entire 2-month period—yes, you heard that right—no need to plan for 8 weeks (go ahead and take a deep breath)! I made life easy for you with my gut reset plan. 

● Food Diary-A Food Diary so that you can reflect on how your meals make you feel and unleash your maximum potential! This amazing tool will help you keep track of how you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally throughout the program.
● Handouts with simple reminders for your gut health recovery.

● Email support from yours truly—I’m here to make sure you succeed! 

You will receive both the regular and vegetarian in one file.

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● 5 steps to fabulous digestion
● Smoothies for optimal health

Restore Your Gut Health Fundamentals Program
(Gut Friendly Meal Plan)
(PDF Digital Download)

Please Note:
This program is only available in digital format. You will NOT receive a hard copy of the program. Since this digital product is intangible and can be downloaded directly after purchase, they are considered "used" after purchase, and I cannot accept any refund request. Eat Your Nutrition does not guarantee that the ingredients listed in any of our recipes are allergy free. If you have a food allergy, you should determine whether you are allergic to the ingredients in each recipe, and not rely on statements that a particular recipe is gluten free, dairy free, nut free, soy free, or free of any other possible allergen. Contact me if you have a food allergy concern prior to purchasing. If you are having trouble downloading, email me at and I'll help you get it sorted out.


🍎 Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Laura Ann Villanueva 🥝 Research Based Holistic Nutrition