Best Herbs That are Good For Your Health and Help With Digestion?

Dandelion herbs to help improve digestion and health.

When you have difficulty digesting food, many problems can occur. A pain in the stomach or intestines is the least dangerous part of digestion issues, but it could be a signal from your body that something needs to be addressed. A deficiency of nutrients that results from poor digestion can leave your immune system vulnerable to attack from various microorganisms. In addition, a lost ability to process foods can leave you fatigued. And expose you to a risk of vitamin deficiency condition. However, there are many ways to improve digestion. And help you avoid slipping into a cycle of sickness. There are some herbs that will help your health and digestion. The following article will discuss a few herbs that can help you treat and improve digestion.

Best Dandelion herbs for tea that are good for health and help with digestion.

Top Herbs That Help With Digestion

Dandelion Root is Great for Digestive Issues

Many people widely consider this surprising little plant a garden nuisance. But science has revealed it is rich in vitamins and minerals, including A, B, C, potassium and zinc. In ancient times, it was used for various digestive ailments. A couple of the other amazing side effects of its use are that it reduces oxidative stress and inflammation in organs like the liver. Dandelion root can help kill leukemia cells, while leaving normal cells intact. Ingesting dandelions can be as simple as adding them to your salad. Just be sure to find a dressing that compliments the slightly bitter leaves. 

Cumin Can Help Your Digestion

Use of this parsley relative dates back approximately 5000 years ago as a popular spice in Egypt and the Mediterranean. Cumin has historically been used as a respiratory anti-inflammatory. In addition, it is a powerful aid to digestion. It was used as a treatment for anemia. Which was likely to have been a symptom caused by a malfunctioning digestive system.

Today it can be found in powdered form. It is a common spice used among many cultures.

Fennel Can Aid Digestion, Too!

Over the last 400 years, fennel became so popular with people, that some were moved to write poetry! As it turns out, this marvelous plant that give Italian sausage its flavor is extremely rich in the dietary minerals iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese. And exceeds the daily value for each in just 100 grams. Fennel is a carminative herb that helps digestion. It does this by increasing digestive efficiency. Another helpful side effect of this herb is that it reduces gas and bloating. 

Let’s Discuss the Best Herbs for Digestion

Which herbs have you used to improve your health and digestion? So, give these herbs a try today. Start improving your health and digestion. Let me know in the comment section below. I would also love to hear what you think, or take a photo and tag me @Eat_Your_Nutrition on Instagram. I love seeing your photos. #EatYourNutrition #LauraVillanueva

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