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Eat your nutrition™ to better health

Optimize gut health and thrive holistically with our FDA-registered premium supplements, nutrition-crafted meal plans, and transformative programs for women.

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Welcome to Eat Your Nutrition, where we believe that wellness is a journey best navigated with knowledge, compassion, and a dash of joy.

 Our mission is simple, yet profound: To illuminate the path to health and vitality through the power of nutrition.

Imagine embarking on a wellness adventure where every meal is a step towards your healthiest self — this is the essence of Eat Your Nutrition.

Laura Ann Villanueva, BHsc, Nutrition science

Nutrition Coaching & Programs for
Gut & Hormone Health

Healthy gluten-free recipes to eat balanced nutrition for everyday life. Transform health, digestion, and body. Learn about gut health, nutrition, and eating habits.

Optimal gut health can be achieved by incorporating traditional medicine with holistic nutrition to nourish your body, mind, and spirit. Learn holistic nutrition with a focus on gut & hormone health

Feel amazing and learn how to eat healthy with my nutrition programs, with a focus on holistic digestive health.

What we do...

Beet Latte Lover

Certified Holistic Nutritionist


Health & Wellness Expert

Adaptogenic Herb Guru

Essentially, I'm your friend down the street. I started my gut health journey with a celiac disease diagnosis, and returned to university to study nutrition science, and found myself here, talking to you about holistic digestive health.

I believe everyone can learn to eat balanced, healthy nutrition. 

If you're seeking to transform and learn about your gut health, you're in the right place. It's time to make a change that will impact your overall health, from your brain to your energy levels.
Your gut holds the power of your overall health!

You Change Your Life!


When You Transform Your 

here's what i do:

mission statement

Live a Wellness Simplified Life

Inspire Others to Take Action

Holistic Health Alignment 

Eat Your Nutrition is dedicated to igniting a wellness revolution by empowering individuals with the knowledge and tools to transform their health through nutrition. Our mission is to make holistic wellness achievable and enjoyable for all.

Healthy Habits, Happy Hearts



Self-paced nutrition programs to eat healthy without deprivation. Programs to help you reach your health goals with a holistic gut health approach.


Group Challenges

Supportive group challenges to seek motivation while learning to eat balanced, healthy meals.


Private Coaching

1:1 customized nutrition coaching with dietary protocols, functional nutrition and a holistic digestive health approach.

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Fuel your wellness journey with Eat Your Nutrition's plant-based protein powder, gut boosts, and more. Download a challenge, program, or meal plan to discover how to "Eat Your Nutrition".

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Your healthy gut nutrition expert, your nutrition bestie...

Hi. If we've never met before, I teach women how to discover effective ways to become the healthiest version of themselves. I created a community where I discuss all things digestive health.

This nutrition program is unique because the theme features thyroid & skin health and how your hormones affect your body.

Get hormonal support while eating delicious, healthy recipes, all with beneficial nutrients your body needs. All WITHOUT feeling deprivation or guilt!

THE Features

Balanced Hormones
Clear, Radiant Skin Program

Set The Foundation For Healthy Eating By Learning How To Achieve Clear Radiant Skin With Balanced Hormones

Everything you need to balance your hormones and finally clear your skin for good.

“Honestly, Laura's programs changed my relationship with food forever and transformed my whole life.”


Nourish yourself with healthy recipes for balanced, healthy eating. All recipes are gluten-free and made with simple, nutrient-dense whole foods.



"Nourish to flourish"

Brand Partnerships 
& Collaborations

Request a media kit if you would like to work with a holistic gut health nutritionist to promote your product that holistically aligns with my brand.

Seed DS-01™
Joy Organics
Further Foods
Wild Planet Foods

Are you ready to feel more energetic by nourishing your body with the proper foods to fuel you this summer? The Summer Glow Up Nutrition Challenge will help you gain back your health without following a strict diet approach.

Favorite Things

What supplements, pantry staples, beauty products, etc does a holistic nutritionist love? Find out here!

Find out what program is right for you and your needs. My signature programs are designed to get results.

 Transform your heath through healthy eating and a holistic digestive health approach.

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👋 Say goodbye to IBS + Bloating and hello to happy gut health & balanced hormones from your gut and skin health nutritionist.

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