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Do You Want to Improve Your Gut Health With Balanced Eating Habits Today?

Discover how to transform your health, digestion, and body. Improving your gut health is easier than you think.

Stop struggling with your food choices and develop a positive and healthy relationship with food and your body. Learn all about gut health nutrition on the Eat Your Nutrition website.


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If you're seeking to transform your gut health, you're in the right place!

Your gut holds the power of your overall health!
When you transform your gut health, you change your life. It's time to make a change that will impact your overall health, from your brain to your energy levels.

Follow along this holistic nutrition blog, written by a certified holistic nutritionist, who specializes in gut health nutrition. Are you finally ready to fix your gut health ?


As a holistic nutritionist, I practice a holistic and functional approach to nutrition, health, and wellness, which means I look at how all the areas of your life are connected. 

Optimal gut health can be achieved by incorporating traditional medicine with holistic nutrition to nourish your body, mind, and spirit.

What we do...

Certified holistic nutritionist, nutrition and wellness author, weight and gut health specialist. I teach women how to discover effective ways to become the healthiest version of themselves.

My refreshing new approach to nutrition and healthy living has inspired many to make positive healthy lifestyle changes. The holistic nutrition blog focuses on the importance of a balanced lifestyle. Holistic living addresses the whole person's lifestyle, including physical, mental, social, and spiritual.

You can achieve a healthy gut, learn how to restore healthy gut flora by learning my healthy nutrition tips on my gut health holistic nutrition blog, recipes, and follow my healthy gut diet plans, guides, and programs. 

Holistic Nutritionist, Health & Wellness Coach & Gut Health Nutritionist

Hi, I'm Laura.
Your Healthy Gut Nutritionist!

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Healthy Eating Guide & Meal Plan

This 5 day meal plan is designed to ditch the bloat, and reset your healthy eating habits. The DEBLOAT & GLOW Guide has tons of information on which foods to eat to debloat and cleanse your body with a delicious meal plan full of tasty, healthy recipes. 



Glow Up Jumpstart Healthy Eating Challenge

Healthy eating challenge to help you make new healthy habits. Learn to improve your health and immune system with a balanced, healthy eating plan to nourish and restore your body. Healthy food can taste delicious without the restrictions of a fad diet.


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“Honestly, Laura's programs changed my relationship with food forever and transformed my whole life.”


Restore Your Gut Health

Let's do this!

8-Week health and nutrition program designed to fix your digestive and gut health diet issues to the curb!


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Eat delicious, healthy, nourishing gluten-free recipes.

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AutoImmune Roadmap
Beginner's Guide


What if you found a way to cure the severe inflammation that your autoimmune disease is causing? Enter the autoimmune diet roadmap, a beginner's guide to healthy lifestyle eating.

And what would happen to your outlook in life if you realize that maybe the answer to your struggle is found naturally, all around you. Say YES to yourself, and grab your FREE GUIDE now!


AutoImmune Protocol Diet
Meal Plan

This easy recipe guide and autoimmune meal plan for healing your body with real, nourishing food is the key to better health, especially if you suffer from an autoimmune disease. 

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