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Tips on How to Delegate Holiday Party Planning Tasks

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A significant part of being stressed over the holidays is having to plan a party. If you want to host a holiday party in your home, you should at least consider delegating some tasks that aren’t too complicated. Here are some holiday party planning tips for delegating tasks. Therefore, reducing your stress in the process. Let’s make holiday party planning stress-free this year.

Decide What Tasks You Can Delegate

First of all, you can start by making a to-do list that covers everything you need to do, buy, or plan for the holiday party. This lets you know right away what tasks need to be done. Importantly, which ones you can delegate to others.

To have it be helpful that others are lending a hand instead of causing more problems, simply delegate the simple tasks that are more or less busywork. For example, you can design the invitation yourself.  But mailing them out is usually something someone else can do. Perhaps your spouse can help with writing down messages from the caterer and other people. Maybe your sister will be the one taking your shopping list and picking up the supplies you need.

Leave the More Complicated Tasks For Yourself

This list will also help you decide what you should do yourself. If you try to give a more complicated task to someone else, and they get it wrong, you then get stressed out by trying to fix it. This isn’t going to help with your holiday stress. For example, if you need help with preparing a holiday meal for the party, then you can do all the main cooking since you know how to get it done. But others can help you with simpler things like chopping vegetables or buying some last-minute items you didn’t get. For some holiday recipe inspiration, check out some of my holiday recipes, including no-sugar peppermint hot chocolate.

Prepare Detailed Lists For People You Are Delegating To

Finally, it can reduce your stress level if you know the people you are delegating tasks to be doing it correctly. Give them as much information as needed, with detailed lists of the things they need to get done. Make sure you keep checking in with them so that if they run out of time or get confused, you can handle it before it turns into a giant stressful situation.

Start slowly by merely handing out one or two minor tasks to people you trust to get them done. If someone seems to have a little more free time and is willing to help, maybe you can give them a few more things to do.

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Do you have any holiday planning tips to share with others? Did you find my holiday party planning tips helpful? Share your tips below. Let me know if you have tried my healthy holiday survival guide and how successful it has been for you. You can also connect with me @Eat_Your_Nutrition on Instagram. I love seeing your photos. #EatYourNutrition #LauraVillanueva



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