What Weakens Your Immune System? Plus Ways to Help

What weakens your immune system

How does stress affect your immune system? There is nothing as frustrating as trying everything you know to do to keep your immune system boosted. You seek super-foods, supplements, new exercise routines, and more, only to get sick. This may have you wondering what it is that weakens your immune system from functioning properly. Here are a few options you should consider.

What Might Be Affecting Your Immune System?

What affects your immune system?What weakens your immune system?How does stress affect your immune system?


Stress-Related Issues

One of the first issues that could affect your immune system is stress. You may think you don’t have that much stress in your life, and that you have it all covered. What you may overlook are the daily stresses that can build into one major stress-filled reaction. This can cause your immune system to be less effective. This stress can come from working through a chaotic daily schedule that has you going non-stop, struggling to maintain a giant to-do list, or dealing with the issues of other people in your home and family.

Journaling Can Help Reduce Stress

In addition, try journaling to help flesh out the stressors that could be in your life, that you didn’t even realize were a problem. You can identify them and then work through them at your own pace to help reduce the impact on your immune system. You can read more about the benefits of journaling at night, and how journaling can be an effective way to learn more about yourself.

A Lack of Hydration Can Affect Your Immunity

Hydration is usually the key to what is causing issues with your body, especially with your immune system. If your body does not have the proper hydration, it can’t function properly. This puts stress on your organs, weight loss, and immune system. It is basically having to work without the key components it needs to function.

You may think you are getting enough hydration, but remember, your body needs plain filtered water to keep it going. Make sure you get as much of that as other hydration options, like juice. Or you can try my peach-infused water. Isn’t it amazing how something as simple as dehydration can weaken your immune system?

Sleep-Related Issues

One aspect of daily routines that people tend to overlook, especially when it comes to the connection between your body and your immune system, is sleep. You may think you are getting at least 6 hours or more of sleep a night. But just because you are sleeping does not mean you are sleeping well. You need to make sure you get deep sleep. One way to do this is to use a sleep monitor system found on most fitness trackers. It can help determine if you are getting deep sleep and how much. If you are not getting solid deep sleep, this could be the reason your immunity system is not working properly. 

By going through a checklist of these factors that might be the cause of a weak immune system, you can be better equipped to take on most of the illnesses you may experience. You can also help boost areas of your immune system or make lifestyle changes that may be lacking. All these can help reverse factors that weaken your immune system. 

You might also enjoy reading 10 ways to strengthen your immune system naturally.

Let’s Discuss What Weakens Your Immune System!

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