4 Natural Ways & Tips to Lose Weight That You Can Start Today



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There are many natural tips when it comes to eating healthy and weight loss. So, I’m here to show you 4 natural ways to lose weight that you can start implementing right away.

4 Natural Ways & Tips to Lose Weight That You Can Start Today, eating healthy for weight loss

Losing weight is hard, but keeping it off is even more challenging. Eating healthy alone won’t lead to weight loss.

Some people try to lose weight by cutting calories and exercising more; others opt for surgery; still, others use pills or other supplements.

But no matter how you do it, if you don’t keep the pounds off, then nothing was really lost at all—except possibly your bank account!

Most people struggle with weight loss. They think they need to burn more calories than they consume and run into struggles because they find themselves starving. So, how can you lose weight and not be hungry?

Here are some simple and easy tricks to get your body on board and prepared to take on losing weight.

increase water intake

1. Water

This seems like a no-brainer, but water is a key aid to flushing out toxins from your body, so you can lose the built-up water weight that you’ve obtained over time.

Whether it’s from a bit too much salt to eating inflammatory foods, water can help make it all go away. Keep your favorite water bottle around and filled at all times, so you can sip from it throughout the day.

This is one of my favorite simple natural weight loss tips, and probably the easiest to start doing right away.

get moving

2. Get Moving

We’re not talking get to the gym and spend two hours there. Just get moving!

Get up and follow a Zumba video on your computer or TV. Get on your treadmill for 30 minutes if you have one, or go out for a walk if the weather’s nice.

Worst case scenario, start doing some household chores! It literally all counts.

Even getting up every hour to stand in the middle of your workday and doing some stretches counts.

I personally love using the Open app, because not only are there fantastic workouts available, but their mindfulness and sleep series are worth the monthly app’s price alone.

Open offers live and on demand breathwork, meditation, yoga, and Pilates experiences guided by leaders in mindfulness, centered on music, and rooted in community.

I highly suggest trying out the Open app today. You can join Open for 30 days free with my code: EATYOURNUTRITION.

You really have nothing to lose by simply trying it out for yourself.

higher protein intake is one of the best ways to lose weight

3. Higher Protein Intake Is One of the Best Ways to Lose Weight

Simply eating healthy alone won’t lead to sustainable weight loss is you are still over eating the healthy foods. That is why increasing your protein intake is key. It helps keep you satiated and less likely to binge eating.

Many research studies show that protein is the most important macro to watch when trying to lose weight.

I’ve found that one of my favorite go-to methods to get protein in is making my own protein shake at home, instead of drinking store-bought pre-processed shakes like Premier or SlimFast.

I always get a huge jug of my brand’s Eat Your Nutrition vanilla or chocolate plant-based protein mix, and add a scoop to water and vanilla almond milk.

You can even jazz it up a bit more and make it a smoothie with your fave fruits and some yogurt! It makes a great way to get protein into your diet, or even as a meal replacement.

Are you ready to start adding in this natural weight loss tip today?

eat slowly and healthy is a natural weight loss tip

4. Eat slowly

Some people sit down for their meals, ravenous as ever, and plow through their food—Aka, me (yes, I still struggle sometimes, too).

You really do have to train yourself to eat slowly, so your body has time to process feeling full. This is also called eating intuitively.

Again, eating healthy only won’t lead to sustainable weight loss. You still have to be mindful of when you eat, how you feel, and stress levels during meal times.

I want you to be able to lose weight, and I want it for you as much as we all want it for ourselves. This is why I’m so passionate about providing the best wellness solutions possible.

If you’d like to learn more about what joining one of my seasonal nutrition challenges looks like, check it out here.

Let’s Discuss Natural Ways to Lose Weight Without Restricitive Eating

Were you surprised to see how simple some of these natural tips to lose weight were?

Do you still have the old mindset that simply eating healthy alone will lead to weight loss?

Share your experiences in the comments below.

If you want to read more about healthy eating, join the latest nutrition challenge.

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4 Natural Ways & Tips to Lose Weight That You Can Start Today
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