What the Heck Are Prebiotics in Food?

What the heck are prebiotics in food?

Above all, prebiotics are basically food for probiotics. They ensure that the healthy bacteria in your gut are well-fed and taken care of. Many health coaches and nutritionists recommend supplementing with prebiotics for optimal gut flora. Before you do that, it’s helpful to know what it is and how you can get plentiful amounts of prebiotics through diet alone. And how much soluble fiber do you need?

What the heck are prebiotics in food? Prebiotics in food. Soluble fiber do you need. Are prebiotics good for you? What are prebiotics?

What’s the Deal with Prebiotics?

Prebiotics are indigestible plant matter that our gut bacteria feed off, so basically soluble fiber like you would find in many vegetables. They stimulate the growth and maintenance of our inner microbial world.

The most popular source of prebiotics in supplements is raw chicory root and Jerusalem artichoke. Moreover, food sources for prebiotics go far beyond these foods alone.

Insoluble Versus Soluble Fiber

Insoluble fiber isn’t a food source for our gut bacteria. That is to say, it’s impossible to digest by humans and bacteria alike and acts more like a scrub brush in our intestines.

Soluble fiber is the prebiotic food source that our microflora love. For instance, inulin is the most effective form of soluble fiber. In addition, there are other naturally occurring forms of prebiotics in everything from root vegetables and tubers to breast milk!

Best Food Sources of Prebiotics

  • Dandelion greens
  • Raw asparagus
  • Onions
  • Raw garlic
  • Banana
  • Chicory root
  • Jerusalem artichoke
  • Raw jicama

In other words, as long as you’re consuming plenty of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis you really shouldn’t worry about supplementing with prebiotics long term. However, when you’re actively working to heal your gut and promote those beneficial bacteria, prebiotic supplements can be useful.

How Much Soluble Fiber Do You Need Per Day?

For instance, most experts estimate about 5 grams of prebiotics per day is what most people need. You can obtain this much soluble fiber by eating a few of the foods listed above daily.

Other Benefits of Prebiotics

Lastly, prebiotics does more than just support the growth of probiotics. They’re also amazing for a variety of other conditions.

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Fiber Intake & Gut Health

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